Pierre Luisi

Avance del Proyecto Post-Doc

The main file is GWAS_report 

Through the report, I will refer to different other reports corresponding to different steps performed before running the proper GWAS study. Of particular interest:

  • In File_1  (QC_GenotypingData.pdf) you will find the QC procedure of the genotyping data. The File_2 (PCA_TOL_ALLAutosomalQC.pdf) and File_3  (PCA_TORI_ALLAutosomalQC.pdf) are HD graphs of the PCA included in the genotype QC report at a lower resolution.


  • In File 4 (TORI_INF_ModelEstimation.pdf) and File 5 (TOL_INF_ModelEstimation.pdf), you will find the details of Step 1 GLMM procedure to control for environmental data and take into account the longitudinal (not transversal) design of the study.


Additional Material:
  • Simulation strategy to assess the power of our 2-step approximation for GWAS on longitudinal data (PDF Presentation)