Using CRISPR against cancer shows success in mice

Specifically targeting genomic rearrangements and mutations in tumor cells remains an elusive goal in cancer therapy. Here, we used Cas9-based genome editing to introduce the gene encoding the prodrug-converting enzyme herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinase (HSV1-tk) into the genomes of cancer cells carrying unique sequences resulting from genome rearrangements. Specifically, we targeted the […]

Epigenética y Comportamiento

Moshe Szyf es un pionero en el campo de la epigenética, su estudio se centra en cómo los seres vivos reprograman su genoma en respuesta a factores sociales como el estrés y la falta de alimentos. Su investigación sugiere que las señales bioquímicas transmitidas de las madres a los hijos le dicen al niño qué tipo de […]

Developing an European-American NGS Network Project

On November 14th 2013 the Kick-off event took place, announcing the beginning of the project Marie Curie-IRSES named “DEANN”. The DEANN project aims to strengthen collaborations between researchers in the field of genome analysis by developing a exchange program. The project’s aim is to create a European-Latin American research network to improve scientific excellence and […]

There is not such thing as a normal genome

Genome sequencing studies indicate that all humans carry many genetic variants predicted to cause loss of function (LoF) of protein-coding genes, suggesting unexpected redundancy in the human genome. In the study of 2,951 putative LoF variants obtained from 185 human genomes it was estimated that human genomes typically contain ~100 genuine LoF variants with ~20 […]