There is not such thing as a normal genome

Genome sequencing studies indicate that all humans carry many genetic variants predicted to cause loss of function (LoF) of protein-coding genes, suggesting unexpected redundancy in the human genome. In the study of 2,951 putative LoF variants obtained from 185 human genomes it was estimated that human genomes typically contain ~100 genuine LoF variants with ~20 […]

Making sequencing simpler with nanopores

Oxford Nanopore, announce today two new sequencing machines to come out this year. The announcement has caused quite a buzz amongst, well, everyone. Nature, New Scientist, GenomeWeb, BioIT World and Forbes all have reported on it, and bloggers Nick Loman and Keith Robison has a chance to peep about some of Oxford Nanopore new toys.

Gorilla Genome

The gorilla genome reveals that genetic similarities among humans and the apes are more complex than expected, and allows a fresh assessment of the evolutionary mechanisms that led to the primate species seen today … Nature 483, 164–165  In 30% of the genome, gorilla is closer to human or chimpanzee than the latter are to each other; this […]